Where can we travel internationally right now?

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Americans are used to traveling pretty much wherever they want without the restrictions of a Visa or a Visa upon arrival. However, with the incidences of Coronvirus being as high as they are right now, Americans are limited on where they can travel. Not only are we limited but the restrictions are many.

Instead of reiterating the information I have found on a specific website, I will include a link at the end of this blog that lists all the countries we are allowed to visit and their restrictions. I have to be honest. I looked at them, and they are incredibly overwhelming.

I have a family of four, and I would not even think about traveling outside the country for pleasure right now. We aren’t traveling at all this year except for my wife going with her mother in December to Disney and one other regional trip we have in June.
Anyways if you’re traveling outside the U.S. this year, please take a look at the website via the link.

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