My name is Lynn Van Zant I live on the Jersey Shore near Toms River with my beautiful wife and two wonderful kids 14 and 12 years old.  I believe in keeping things 100% real so I won’t waste your time telling you I have a quick fix for you working 70 hours a week.  What I will tell you is the program I signed up for is something I believe in 100% and I think you will too if you give it a chance.  

My wife and I are avid travelers and have a passion for travel whenever and wherever we can, but with work and kid’s school schedules there are a lot of times when we can’t travel. My kids are my priority and I put a premium on my time.  I work in a retail environment, so all the big holidays are off limits for traveling even though our kids are usually free from school. 

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss since I was little but have moved around a lot and never really put down roots until 2001 when I landed in New Jersey.  My wife is originally from New Jersey and I am originally from the mid-west.  We met in Denver, Colorado and have lived and were married in Clearwater, Florida.  I’ll be honest and say I have never made much money working for other people and have never found it very rewarding.  It was always just a job.  However, moving around was always my dream, and meeting new people.  

I tried college twice and it never worked out very well.  I despise being told what to study and when to study it.  I love learning and have become a life-long learner of all different types of subjects but always what intrigues me and on my time schedule.  

My wife and I like spending time with our kids, going to amusement parks, hiking and camping, and we are huge Disney fans.  We are Disney Vacation Club members and as of 2019 have been on 5 Disney Cruises and are getting ready for our 6th one to Northern Europe.  My wife works part-time as a Travel Agent and loves her job.   

I currently still work in my 9 to 5 job in retail however I’m working towards getting my business completely off the ground and that delicious day I can finally fire my boss 

 When I first moved to Jersey with my wife, she and I both took a job at a local Insurance Agency.  It was owned by a husband and wife that created a completely toxic atmosphere.   After more than 5 years I was fired over the phone Monday morning as I was getting ready to go to work.  This was late 2007 just when the economy in the U.S. started to tank.  I still remember the guy at the Unemployment office told me it would take me 6 months to find a job.  It would take me 6 and a half months before I found a job making less than one third of my previous job’s paycheck.  But I picked myself up worked my ass off and 11 years later I’m still with the same company which I do still enjoy to some degree. 

  For 5 of the 11 years I worked overnight. One summer I got transferred to a different location where I knew nobody.  I wound up losing 15 pounds, working 70 hours a week with a 50 minute commute each way.  I was butting heads with 3 different managers and was in absolute misery.  I lost my mother that summer on top of it. I almost had a nervous breakdown.  I wound up transferring to a different store after that summer and took a less stressful position.   

 I still enjoy my job to some degree because I do a lot of different things, drive a forklift, help out management with special projects and so on but I have a burning desire to get out and out on my own.  And that’s what it takes to take your job and life to the next level through this program.