What are you waiting for?

Can you imagine it? Can you dream it? Can you believe it? These are all questions you may ask yourself if you were in my shoes less than a year ago. I started to dream again after 40 plus years. I began to imagine myself doing things I didn’t dare think about for the last umpteen years, and I loved it. I was filled with hope, purpose, and a sense of being.

Taking your kids to soccer while other dads are still at work

I looked forward to every day and the possibilities. After you are on cloud 9 for a while, you begin to descend to earth and realize that there’s work to be put in….lots of it. But is it worth it? You bet it is! Is it worth it to have your own business you can be proud of so you can spend your mornings with your kids as they go off to school instead of racing around like a madman before the sun gets up to go to work? Or like I was- sleeping all day, seeing your kids for dinner only and then tucking your kids into bed, then kissing your wife goodnight as you truck out into the middle of the night to join your co-workers. Ten to twelve hours later, drag your sorry-ass home exhausted so you can shove some cereal in your mouth then go to bed again. Is all the work you put into owning your own business worth it? Bet your ass it is! It’s better than what I used to do. So tired, I fell asleep mid-sentence reading to my son one evening before his bedtime.

I’ve always been drawn to small business owners

I have been performing jobs that are not precisely fulfilling but pay the bills. Jobs that I don’t exactly bounce out of bed in the morning to go to. Mainly because I have chosen to move around a lot, but also in part, because I never had the guts to open my own business or finish my schooling, I finished high school and had several attempts at college, but I hated it. I hated it with a passion. So really the only course of action for me was to open my own business. I’ve been friendly with business owners since I was a kid when my parents took me downtown in the 1970s. I’ve always been drawn to small business owners because they’re a different breed. Usually a lot friendlier than most people for obvious reasons.

But what you do is your purpose- or at least supposed to be

My motto has always been, “It’s not what you do; it’s who you do it with.” Meaning who you work with is more important than what you do. But what you do is your purpose- or at least supposed to be. I still believe that to be true to some degree. I know a firefighter in New Jersey, a very fulfilling job, but his admission to me was he works with a bunch of assholes. So his career is fulfilling, but at the same time, he doesn’t like it very much because he hates his co-workers. I want my job to matter, don’t you? If it does already to you, then great, you’ve found your niche. But for the rest of us still looking or still getting by with a job that pays the bills. Wake up, pay attention to what your purpose is. Don’t know what your purpose is, great you can work that out while making money online.
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