Disney in December (part 2 finally)

Disney photographer caught this as it started raining and was the last photo he took for the day

Our family took a second trip to Disney World in early December to have our kids see the parks decorated for Christmas. The wife and I had previously been to Disney around Christmas when we lived in Florida around 1999 before we had kids. However, as the trip got closer, more events got canceled. The… Continue reading Disney in December (part 2 finally)

Walt Disney World 2020

My wife and I were seeking some normalcy in a world spun out of control. But I wasn’t sure we would get it in my wife’s happy place, Walt Disney World, where there were strict guidelines in place and caps on how many guests could enter the parks. At least we were leaving New Jersey… Continue reading Walt Disney World 2020

Merry Christmas from MY neighborhood

All I want for Christmas is good health for the coming year for all of my family and everyone worldwide. I think everyone is looking back on 2020 and trying to put into perspective what transpired this year. They can’t believe what we’ve been through and are still going through. My heart goes out to… Continue reading Merry Christmas from MY neighborhood

Travel bug bitten you recently?

Have you been couped for too long? Wanting to get away? Maybe you’ve taken a short, regional trip somewhere, but it didn’t satisfy your travel urges? Perhaps you got your travel urges satisfied by traveling earlier this summer? Judging by my most recent trip out of state, I’m going to say almost everyone is either… Continue reading Travel bug bitten you recently?

If you must travel during a Pandemic

It’s far from ideal to travel during a pandemic. Your doctor will not give you the green light to do it, nor is the U.S. State Department or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Global COVID-19 Pandemic Notice. However, the urge to leave your house is an urge that cannot be ignored for long for… Continue reading If you must travel during a Pandemic